Polaroid Week is right around the corner!

Polaroid Week starts July 11th and I am selling some of my precious collection! I’m trying to fund a little road trip for myself to take some pictures. I figured this way, you’ll get film to shoot and I’ll get to go shoot. Win-win situation!

I have:

10 single packs 5 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 600 (exp. ’03) at $16 each. US Shipping is $5 for 5 packs or less, $10 for 6 packs or more.

5 single packs 2 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 689 (exp. ’99) at $30 each. This is super rare stuff and a real treat to shoot! US Shipping is $5 for 5 packs or less.

The top row has a few examples of the Type 600, from the same shipment and the bottom row has examples of the Type 689, from the same shipment:

First come, first serve! Please leave a comment here specifying what you are interested in and be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you! I will accept Paypal as the only form of payment.

Join the fun!
‘Roid Week 2011 group on Flickr
Polaroid Week on Twitter


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