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Hi, all! It’s about time I’ve done a short run of some of my favorite Montana instant images. I’m also doing this as a small fundraiser for my vet bill accumulating dog, Suttree. Right now, he is showing great improvement on the new diet, Science Diet’s Derm Defense, and walking much better w/ the help of Tramadol for his arthritis. I just re-upped his meds and got a new bag of food, but also made a payment on his bill and we are sitting at $330 as a leftover balance. Sutt & I *really* appreciate any help we can get and we’ll send you a Polaroid of Suttree along w/ your order as a special thanks!

These are *first* edition prints and only (3) have been made of each. The square images are 8×8 and the rectangle images are 8×10 (w/ white borders). Each one will be titled, numbered and signed on the back. They are professionally printed from my beloved shop in Arizona as darkroom prints (not inkjet) with a mat finish. They are $60 each (discounted from my normal price of $75) w/ $5 for shipping within the US/$10 outside of the US. You can find them all in under the Prints section of my store.

*There are a few of you out there that I owe one of these Montana prints to for picking up one of my limited edition Arizona prints. I had a list, but that list was on my beloved iMac that died (RIP). Please contact me & let me know which MT print you’d like & I’ll get it out to you!

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