Win a Framed Print or a Dry Age Kit!


Using the random number generator at and numbering the respondents chronologically by post date (1–17), the first number pulled was 1! That means the winner of the framed print is Adrienne! The second number pulled was 17, so Thibsie wins the Dry Age Kit!

Congratulations, Adrienne and Thibsie!

Hello, there.
I haven’t run a contest in some time. So, here we are! I am moving very soon and I desperately need to clean house! I have picked 6 Polaroid/Impossible images to make 5 prints of each. They will be 5″x5″ and I don’t have any plans of making any more at this size. So, they will be limited editions of 5, for each print. They will be numbered and signed on the back by me. Each print is $30 plus $5 for US shipping (if outside of the US, $10 for shipping). Here they are:


**For the first 12 orders, I will MAT & FRAME the print FOR FREE.** The frame measures 10.5″x10.5″x1.5″ and is white. It’s a simple, lovely window frame and I will use high quality white mat board. After the 12th order, it will just be the print that goes out. If you would like it matted or framed after the 12th order, I can do so, but for an additional fee.

Now, for the giveaway! I will give away ONE MATTED & FRAMED PRINT! That’s not it! The Impossible Project has given me a Dry Age Kit to give away as well! The Dry Age Kit will keep your beautiful images from being damaged by the moisture and heat.

All you have to do is repost this blog entry on some social network site. Tweet it (convenient button below), Tumblr it, blog it, Facebook it, whatever you would like. Leave a comment below with a link to where you posted. Your comment here, with the link, will be your entry to win.

First, I will pick the winner of the framed print using a random number generator and the second pick will win the Dry Age Kit. The winners will be picked on Tuesday, July 10th, at 3 PM PST and I will announce them here and on my Twitter. I will then contact the winners via email (please make sure you include that when filling out the comment form).

I will keep this updated, so you can see how many prints/frames are left:

Photo 1: 5 Prints left 3 left
Photo 2: 5 Prints left
Photo 3: 5 Prints left
Photo 4: 5 Prints left 1 left
Photo 5: 5 Prints left
Photo 6: 5 Prints left 2 left

Prints w/ mat & frame: 12 left 3 left

To purchase a print (or prints), email me via the contact form on my Info page. Please let me know which print(s) you would like. Frames *are not* limited to one per person. Paypal is the preferred method of payment.

As always, if there are any photos of mine that you would like a print of, please let me know and I’m sure we can make it happen (and quite possibly with a unique frame). Right now, I am working very hard to move my art and frames, so that way, I will not have to move with them and risk any damage. Also, moving is expensive, and anything I make is going towards that.

Thank you and good luck!!


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