Grand Tetons, Yellowstone & a Giveaway!

It’s been a dream of mine to get to the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone since I was a little girl. They are only 6 hours from me, but the gas money and/or time off hasn’t been there. Part of my dream has been to go in the early fall and I’ve decided that this year, no matter what, I’m going. I’ve scheduled the trip to be the last week of this month. Could use some help with the trip though, so I’m offering this special deal *and* having a sweet giveaway at the same time.

**You can pre-purchase an original Polaroid from the trip! I’ll be in Grand Tetons National Park, Yellowstone & hopefully the Beartooth Highway if there are no closures. $65 will get you an original Polaroid taken in/around these locations & matted in either a black or white 8×10 mat. I am only going to make 10 available for purchase now & that could be it! My Polaroid stock is running dangerously low so I will not have them available that much longer, ever again. You can pre-order here.

**Get a 5% discount the rest of this month! All purchases greatly help w/ gas, lodging, food & some of Sutt’s special needs now. Use code: TETONS when checking out.

**Now for the giveaway and how to enter! I am doing TWO giveaways. The first one will be for a matted original Polaroid from the trip. The second will be for TWO 5×5 prints of your choice from my store (I love diptychs). To enter this giveaway, you must share either any of my posts on Instagram or Twitter linking this blog post. Be sure to include my handle, which is the same on both IG & Twitter – @solexposure. Afterwards, leave a comment here and I’ll be picking the winners randomly from that. The giveaway starts now and I will pull the two winners on Monday, Oct. 1st at 12 PM MST.

This will be a belated birthday trip for Suttree (his 10th birthday is 9/17) and me. After all we’ve been through this year, all I want to do is have some time together exploring. Thank you as always for your interest in my work and our adventures!

**And the winners are…””MM” for the original Polaroid and “Kirissie” for the two prints! Thank you to all for entering!**

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  1. The Grand Tetons hold such a special place in my heart. It’s the first place I remember feeling my heart sing thanks to the beauty of nature. I was 11 and we also were walking down the path to the lake and came across an elk just standing there. Eventually he ambled off, but it was amazing! I hope you have a lovely time!

  2. So excited to see and hear about your trip. Happy that you finally get to take it. I hope you have a wonderful time.

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