665 – 2nd Ed.


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I’ve been shooting w/ my all time favorite film, Polaroid Type 665 since 2001. It’s a unique film that not only gives the positive Polaroid side, but also a negative, which is often sharper & holds more detail. I will purposefully leave the negatives to dry in my car, soaking up all the mountain & desert dust of the day. This collection of scanned negatives is my love letter, expressing how important this film is to me. Spanning over the western and midwestern states, this is a collection of over 50 images, making this my most extensive book yet. The hardcover book is 8″x8″ w/ Premium Matte paper. Second Edition books are limited at 10 copies. Each one is numbered & signed. Ships in December.

*Book w/ 8×10 handmade (by me) darkroom print available as well.


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