PZ 680 & Print Giveaway!


Using the random number generator at and numbering the respondents chronologically by post date (1–30), I got a result of 21! That means … the winner is … Gaby!

Congratulations, Gaby!

As some of you may know, I am completely head over heels in love. PZ 680 has stolen my heart forever. The psychedelic rainbow colors, perfectly placed cracks and wide format are everything I could ever ask for. After much soul searching, I have decided that love is better shared and The Impossible Project has generously donated a pack to me for giving away!

Not only will the winner get a pack of the awesome PZ 680, they can also pick an 8×10 professional print of one of my PZ 680 shots posted here.

Instructions for WINNING

1) Post a comment here with a link to your favorite landscape drawing/painting/photo that you have drawn/painted/taken. Also, let me know which print you’d like if you win! I have titled each picture with a number.

2) If you have a Twitter, use the Twitter Button on this post to spread the good word!

The winner will be picked from the comments using a random number generator at 12 PM MST on Friday, December 23rd.

Want to get your hands on some o’ that delectable PZ 680 right now? Get yourself some!

Have any questions or would like to order a print for yourself or a loved one for the holidays? Message me through my Info page. Haven’t received your mix from my last giveaway? Don’t worry, it’s in the mail! It took me a little longer than I thought to get so many mixes made and art packaged up for all you good folks. Thankful for the wonderful response and for your patience!

‘Tis the Season!

It’s that time again! Although I like to think anytime during the year is a great time to give, or receive (!!), original art, I think a lot of folks get into this whole Christmas thing. Seeing as it’s also my birthday month, I’m in relatively good spirits. For the whole month of December, my little corner of Etsy is offering:

BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE (of equal or lesser value) on ALL of my Blocks! When you purchase one, just send me a message (either through Etsy or by using the contact form on my Info page) letting me know which Block you would like for free. That’s right, you are only paying shipping for *one* block!

15% OFF OF EVERYTHING IN MY ETSY (excluding the aforementioned Blocks)! This goes for my paintings, my framed pieces, my prints, the super cool ?uestlove blocks from The Next Movement and my new project, Instant Film Remix. Just use this coupon code: XMAS2011

If you have any questions or are looking for something in particular (I am happy to make you the perfect gift), please feel free to leave a comment here or by contacting me!

Instant Film Remix & Giveaway!


Using the random number generator at and numbering the respondents chronologically by post date (1–24), I got a result of 13! That means … the winner is … Justin!

Congratulations, Justin!

The mixes and the “instant film remixes” will be going out early next week. Thank you all for participating!

Instant Film Remix
For those of you who have been following my Flickr for the past few years or who may know me personally, you know I live and breathe music. A couple of years ago, I started an exchange program called the “Penpalathon.” I would exchange mixed CDs and possibly small prints with people all over the world. It was incredible! So many people got involved and I sent out and received wonderful music and art. I’ve been thinking it’s time to revitalize the program, with a bit of a remix.

I have started a new painting project with my poor expired or rejected Polaroids and shots from The Impossible Project. I can’t bear to throw these blank frames away, so I’m giving them new lives as paintings. I will be sending one out with a mixed CD. Although it will be signed, it will not be matted or framed. However, if you are interested in getting a complete package, you can on my Etsy. This is only for a limited time. After the giveaway is over, the only way to get one of these Instant Film Remixes will be through my Etsy.

As you can see in the gallery below, they look rather smart when matted and framed.

Now, for the music. Please choose one of the four types of mixes you can receive:

• Rock/Pop
• Hip Hop
• Instrumental
• Reggae

What do you have to do to receive one of these darling, wonderful packages?
(1) Leave a comment here,
(2) E-mail me with an address and your mix preference (, or by using the contact form on my Info page),
(3) “Tweet” or make a Facebook post about this project (If you “tweet” about it, please make sure to mention me, @solexposure),
(4) Send a mix back! (Not necessary, but definitely appreciated!)

You’re thinking, This is the best thing to ever happen in the history of the Internets. How could this get any sweeter? The Impossible Project has graciously given me a pack of PX 680 FF and a Frog Tongue to give away! For the sake of remixes and new lives, I am also giving away a Polaroid OneStep Express! The winner will be picked from the comments using a random number generator at 3 PM MST on Thursday, November 10th.

Want to get some Impossible film of your own? I highly, highly recommend the PZ 680 for your hungry Spectra camera. I can’t get enough of it. Go get yourself some IMPOSSIBLE LOVE! Here’s a direct link to the fabulous PX 680 FF because winning one pack is not enough. Or, pick up some more FROG TONGUES to meet your light shielding needs!

Ready, set, GO!

“Outside the Lines”

The Impossible Project’s new exhibit, Outside the Lines, has opened! Read more about it and the artists I was lucky to be involved with here:…

For this theme, I drove north of Phoenix and took pictures of architect Paolo Solari’s creation, Arcosanti. Italian born, Frank Lloyd Wright trained Paolo Soleri started construction on Arcosanti in 1970. It is based on a concept he coined as “arcology” (architecture and ecology) and it’s goal is to demonstrate how people can live in a community while harmonizing with the land around them, rather than leaving a destructive footprint. The people that live and learn here live “off the grid” and continue to construct and improve their “town” on a daily basis. Feel free to read more about the amazing, not impossible project and their workshops here:

Takin’ a little trip!

So, I am heading to the Seattle/Tacoma area for a few days on an impromptu trip. Once again, I find myself wanting to take some extra pennies with me that would be helpful for food, beer, you know, the important things. I am shaving a little bit off of my Polaroid collection for you to caress, love and shoot with! Also, a few cameras that need a good home! US Shipping is $5 for any 3 packs or less. (Unless combined with other items. It might be a little more if so.)

-2 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 689 (exp. ’99) at $30 each. This is super rare stuff and a real treat to shoot!

-1 double pack (20 exposures) of Polaroid Type 600 (exp. ’04) at $45 each. Although expired, this stuff is still looking pretty nice. I have shot great amounts of it.

-2 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Viva (exp. ’08) at $30 each. Super rare Type 80 film. Feed your square shooter while you still can!

-2 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 600 (exp. ’03) at $16 each.

-1 single pack (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 779 (exp. ’08) at $25 each. I bought two bricks of the very last run of 779. They have been in my fridge ever since purchase.

Now for the cameras! Please feel free to leave a comment making an offer for any of these. I will throw in some lovely expired film with any of the film cameras. US Shipping is $5 for any 1 camera. (Unless combined with other items. It might be a little more if so.)

1. Diana + w/ lens cap and 6×4.5 adapter
2. Ansco Ready Flash
3. Ansco Flash Clipper w/ original box
4. Polaroid OneStep
5. Polaroid One600
6. Polaroid OneStep Express
7. Polaroid Square Shooter
8. Polaroid Colorpack II (Not pictured)

Also, please feel free to peruse my Etsy and if there is anything you would like that I have created, I will be happy to combine shipping! You can find me on Etsy here:

Sol Exposure

Polaroid Week is right around the corner!

Polaroid Week starts July 11th and I am selling some of my precious collection! I’m trying to fund a little road trip for myself to take some pictures. I figured this way, you’ll get film to shoot and I’ll get to go shoot. Win-win situation!

I have:

10 single packs 5 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 600 (exp. ’03) at $16 each. US Shipping is $5 for 5 packs or less, $10 for 6 packs or more.

5 single packs 2 single packs (10 exposures) of Polaroid Type 689 (exp. ’99) at $30 each. This is super rare stuff and a real treat to shoot! US Shipping is $5 for 5 packs or less.

The top row has a few examples of the Type 600, from the same shipment and the bottom row has examples of the Type 689, from the same shipment:

First come, first serve! Please leave a comment here specifying what you are interested in and be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you! I will accept Paypal as the only form of payment.

Join the fun!
‘Roid Week 2011 group on Flickr
Polaroid Week on Twitter